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a jewel that uses hooks on clothes
Jul 16, 2018

A brooch, also known as a boutonniere, is a jewel that uses a hook on a piece of clothing. It can also be considered a decorative pin. Generally it is a metal texture with gemstones, enamels, etc. It can be used as a pure decoration or as a combination of fixed clothing (such as robes, cloaks, scarves, etc.).

The brooch, also known as the "pin", is an accessory worn on the chest or collar.

The purchase of brooches, of course, varies depending on personal preferences, vision, interests, and economic conditions. In addition, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Age: Young girls or young women should not use too much brooch. The pins used by middle-aged women can be of any shape or size. The brooch used by the elderly is preferably inlaid with dark, large-grain gemstones.

2, shape: the shape of the brooch should be elegant and beautiful, not unconventional. The color should be bright and pure, not too wide, too wide and it will look glaring and not soft under the illumination of the light.

3, texture: gemstone brooch to select and identify the gem texture inlaid on it. Materials such as gold, silver, and copper should also be inspected to prevent counterfeiting and rough production.

44. Meaning: Different types of brooch have different meanings, just as various flowers have different "flowers". Men choose to send a brooch to give gifts to women, talk about their wishes, and pay more attention to match each other's temperament and disposition. It is the brooch of the emerald, which means “a rare temperament, a rare talent” and a “admiration and frankness”. The brooch with jade and diamonds represents “noble, eternal, intimate and intimate, with constant value.” If you can use both brooch and pendant, it means “people are flexible and know how to change flexibly”. If it is purely a diamond brooch, it means "noble, gorgeous, beautiful and beautiful, and a happy life." The brooch with pearls indicates that "the heart is kind, pure and innocent", and has the meaning of "respect and dignity." The amber brooch represents "life is colorful and has no fun." Coral brooch represents "deep and simple, with depth and vitality." Both the agate brooch and the turquoise brooch represent "charming." Other gemstone brooches represent “Huagui Fuli”.

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