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Advertising is a long-lasting effect
Jul 16, 2018

Mouse pad products are mainly divided into six materials: traditional fabric, special fabric, synthetic resin, glass, metal and coating. These six materials have their own characteristics, and the following are combined with the above technical indicators to analyze and comment on them.

Most mouse pads use rubber or cloth as the raw material, and the surface texture of these products is rubbed.

In order to cooperate with the new optical mouse, some manufacturers have introduced mouse pads made of glass, aluminum, etc. They are characterized by a special texture on the surface, which increases the sensitivity and feel of light reflection, and is easy to clean. However, its material will increase the wear of the mouse, and there may be subtle sound when moving. When selecting, pay attention to whether the surface of the mouse pad is flat, and reject some products with burrs and uneven texture. Also pay attention to whether the product is easily deformed. For example, some products are made of raw rubber and are thinner, and it is easy to bend permanently in use. There are also more popular silicone mouse pads. The force is large, it is convenient for the mechanical mouse to move and position, and the price is low, it is easy to carry, and the sales in the market are large. Especially in the field of advertising mouse pads, everyone is favored.

First, more effective. After making a mouse pad, you won't let others throw it into the trash can like other business cards and advertising flyers, so that every effort you put into it will be implemented.

Second, the price is cheap. TV advertising is good, but the cost is high. The newspaper advertisement is not as vivid and intuitive as the mouse pad. The printed promotional materials will be thrown away, and the mouse pad can be used multiple times. After using this method, the threshold of advertising mouse pad is greatly reduced. Generally, small businesses or self-employed individuals can have their own mouse pads instead of patents for large enterprises and tourist attractions.

Third, the amount of browsing is large. Generally, only one person can see a business card, and the mouse pad business card will let more friends and relatives see it. Add more business opportunities. Advertising is a long-lasting effect, and friends who have not seen for a long time will become unfamiliar and gradually forget.

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