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Customized style and personalized needs, it plays a very good role in decoration
Jul 16, 2018

Cufflinks are used on special cufflinks shirts instead of cufflinks. They are about the same size as ordinary buttons, but because of the exquisite material and shape, more styles and customization requirements, very good. The role of decoration, inadvertently, let men's original monotonous dresses and suits have unlimited scenery.

Cufflinks originated in ancient Greece. It should be one of the popular men's dressing art in Europe from the 14th to the 17th centuries, from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque period. For men who are striving for taste, perhaps in addition to the ring, the cufflinks are the smallest decoration. Because the material is mostly made of precious metals, some are also set with diamonds, gems, etc., so they have been worn by the aristocratic aura since birth, and the cufflinks have become the only one for people to measure men's tastes. The use of all is a study of men.

Cufflinks need to roll up the collar of the shirt or the sleeve of the suit and then clamp it. At this time, the sleeve becomes flat, and the cufflinks are used when the sleeves are loose. Most of them are used in business occasions with suits. One of the accessories for business wear.

The cuffs became an important display part of the shirt, which gradually emerged after 1530 for the purpose of protecting the cold. At that time, the sleeves were folded backwards (the French double-folded prototype), or a piece of cloth was attached, and then the rope was attached to the wrist (the rope was later developed into a close-fitting cuff of the cufflink), so that the cuffs The front section will expand like a flower, and then match the color of different materials, quite beautiful.

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