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Design is also very important for advertising mouse pads
Jul 16, 2018

As a special advertising promotional item, the mouse pad has won the favor of the majority of merchants with its low price and excellent marketing effect. Many people will use the advertising mouse pad as the first choice for advertising and promotional items. However, there are many types, materials and specifications of advertising mouse pads, and the price is from low to high. How to choose the mouse pad that is suitable for use as a promotional advertising mouse pad. The following is my experience in purchasing an advertising mouse pad, I hope to help you.

First, according to the characteristics of the target group of the advertisement promotion giveaway, select an advertisement promotion product that matches the crowd. If the group is a white-collar, then you must choose a better quality mouse pad to make the advertising marketing effect last longer. Because white-collar workers use computers at the highest frequency, mouse pads are the most vulnerable; if you need to distribute them on the street or in an event, the audience is rather messy. You can choose a cheaper advertising mouse pad to make, but the cheapness here is not equal to shoddy. Through the design, layout, content, color, appearance and other aspects, you can also make a favorite mouse pad. Therefore, the design is also very important for advertising mouse pads.

Second, according to the specific time of the promotion, select the promotional items suitable for the season. In the autumn and winter seasons, it is recommended to choose the cloth mouse pad to make advertising promotional gifts, because the cloth will be kept warm, not ice to the wrist; in the summer to promote, you should choose the PVC face, crystal wrist type mouse pad, you can feel the hand Cool and comfortable.

Third, choose a promotional item that matches the company's theme. The advertising mouse pad is used for advertising and marketing. When choosing an advertising mouse pad, it is necessary to see whether the product characteristics are related to the company theme to achieve the best marketing effect. For example, if a large group company makes a promotion, it must both publicize and reflect the image of the company. You can choose to order high-end advertising mouse pads. Companies that do high-tech products generally choose glossy, PVC-faced mouse pads for printing. The high-tech theme pattern is used to show the high-tech content of the company's products; the company that makes the tires generally chooses the natural rubber-made advertising mouse pad to make advertising and promotional items, and the soft natural rubber cloth mouse pad will make people think of the tire immediately. product. Companies that make food generally choose advertising mouse pads that are odorless, environmentally friendly, and high-quality materials to highlight the green, natural characteristics of the company's food.

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