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medal produce cufflinks ,cellphone holder from Shenzhen source factory
Aug 11, 2018

        As a dynamic city where technology and fashion coexist, Shenzhen's technology level is at the national leading level. With the accelerated pace of life, people have gradually liked outdoor sports and participated in various sports games. Exercise has physical fitness, entertainment, and education, politics, and economics. It can also be said that the historical stage is different, and the movement has different functions. In fact, physical fitness and its entertainment are the main functions of exercise from beginning to end, and it can also cultivate various psychological qualities of people.

         Common medal materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, etc., also made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even several kinds. Typical examples are: Beijing 2008 Olympic medals. According to different process materials, it can be divided into: bronze, aluminum screen printing, stainless steel, titanium gold, sand gold, gold medal, gold plate. According to the different use awards, they can be divided into: advanced medals, advanced collective medals, honor medals, sports medals, and excellent personnel medals. The meaning of the medals of the Games: the Olympic energy, the friendship, the peace, the achievements, the glory, the confirmation of talent! The manifestation of human nature and national charm.


          Shenzhen Chi heng Bo Sheng is a professional manufacturer of custom-made medals.Cellphone holder ,Cufflinks,tie clips ,mouse pad  The company has a strong technical design and R&D department and a production-rich factory for protection. It is a leading enterprise in the medal-making industry. The company's customers all over the world, can undertake domestic and foreign medal custom business.  


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