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Release static electricity
Jul 16, 2018

Anti-static green table mat (table mat) on the green under the black, double-layer composite structure. The intermediate mesh structure is adopted, which has the advantages of good electrostatic discharge and fast discharge. It is made of antistatic material and dissipative static material synthetic rubber glue. Its main working principle is:

1. The green surface is for storing and absorbing static electricity around the table top, and the resistance is 107~109 Ωcm;

2, the black bottom is a conductor, the resistivity is ≤ 106 Ωcm, because it is a conductor, it can quickly discharge the absorbed static electricity;

3. One end of the grounding wire is connected to the anti-static mat and the other end is connected to the ground. Therefore, static electricity is smoothly discharged to the earth through the grounding wire. This will discharge the static electricity around the desktop through this principle.

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