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All-aluminum Notebook Stand Evaluation: 2 Angles, Bearing 20KG, Maximum Support 17 Inches
Mar 06, 2019

All-aluminum notebook stand evaluation: 2 angles, bearing 20KG, maximum support 17 inches

aluminum notebook stand

I believe that modern people have to face the computer most of the time, because of its portability, laptops have gradually replaced desktop computers as the main force of the day.

The must-have for office workers and college parties. When you go to work, face the laptop, and when you go home (dormitory), you have to face the laptop.

Cervical discomfort has become the norm, it is important to buy a notebook stand. At present, the notebook stand is tens of thousands of products on the e-commerce website.

I don’t know the pros and cons of it, so I recommend a BOSEN(From SHENZHEN BOSEN METAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTDnotebook stand that can be raised and lowered for everyone.

Notebooks have deep-rooted flaws in ergonomic design. The distance between the screen and the keyboard is too close. The long-term look down will cause damage to the neck muscles.

It also causes muscle strain on the shoulders and arms. Use the notebook stand to make the user's line of sight parallel to the notebook screen, effectively reducing the unreasonable design of the human body

The damage caused slows the fatigue of the cervical spine and shoulders.

The most ideal is an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you can work comfortably on the bench, and can greatly reduce the chance that the coffee will be knocked down on the keyboard.

At present, there are many kinds of notebook brackets on the market. The quality and quality have become the most important point in choosing BOSEN. The matte texture and the opening process of all aluminum alloy materials are all tangible.

More importantly, the BOSEN notebook stand is perfectly matched to the style of my MacBook Air (common for notebooks up to 17 inches). The silicone pad can effectively slip and protect the desktop and laptop.

I used to use a desktop computer for office work, but I often traveled after I joined the new company, so I started using my laptop office, in order to protect my cervical spine and solve the problem of heat dissipation in my notebook.

Choosing a bracket that fits your notebook is very important, so I chose it after comparing multiple brackets.

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