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Bosen Vertical Notebook Storage Make Elegance Never Been So Easier
Feb 27, 2019

vertical laptop storage

Many people in life use laptops, but the actual experience can not be compared with the desktop, so some people choose an external 

monitor to enjoy the thrill of the big screen.


Here is a question: how to place the notebook?


The above picture is a better solution, but the computer plus the bracket still occupies a lot of space,

 not to mention the fact that the desktop is not very noticeable, it will be very messy.

Nothing to do with elegance.

vertical laptop stand

So a space-saving laptop stand is necessary, such as the vertical notebook storage from Bosen.

notebook storage for Macbook

The Bosen notebook storage is designed for Macbook users who use an external monitor and can place the Macbook upright. 

The bottom area of the bracket is 190×95mm, which can release more desktop space.

Maximize the efficiency of desktop utilization.

laptop storage for Macbook

The width of the middle of the bracket can be adjusted freely, up to 30mm, so whether it is a thin air or a thick pro, 

even other brands of notebooks can be placed.A high-quality silicone pad is placed on the bottom for easy storage even

if the notebook stands firm.

This vertical notebook storage uses a physical passive cooling method, thanks to the excellent thermal

 conductivity of the aluminum alloy and the design curve at the bottom.You don't have to worry about the heat dissipation of your 

 notebook when you use it.

          立式收纳实用图2     立式收纳实用图1

photo come from customer

Finally, put a real shot, you can see that the vertical placement in the actual use of the scene is very space-saving, 

one left and one right line is clear and tidy, and it is very compatible with the Macbook, like a whole,

It looks very pleasing to the eye. As for the shortcomings, it is not easy to convert to a dual-screen operation and barely count as one,

but there is nothing to pick about.

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