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Cuffs Become An Important Display Part Of The Shirt
Jul 16, 2018

How to use cufflinks? Many male friends around me know that this little thing is cufflinks, and then they will ask. In fact, the cufflinks should be used on a special cufflink shirt. If the cuff is called the A side and the other side is the B side, the cufflink shirt is the A side of the cuffs that are in contact with each other, and then the needle connecting the "button" portion of the cufflink is worn from the cuff of the back of the hand. Next, then wear it from the cuff on the palm of your hand and fix it. With cufflinks, don't lose a cufflink shirt. Since the price of the cufflinks is high, it means that the shirts that match the cufflinks should not be too bad.

How to use cufflinks is actually based on personal habits and styles.

The use of cufflinks is evident in life. Generally speaking, the cuff style of the shirt cuffs is called musketeer cuffs or French cuffs (French pleated sleeves). These specially designed shirts are usually worn on formal occasions, and British senior executives who focus on tailoring will also wear this cufflinked shirt to the office.

The cuffs are an important part of the shirt. Since the cuffs are exposed to show the beautiful cuffs, is it necessary to show off the cuffs of the modern American shirts with ordinary buttons? Not at all.

Although the cufflinks are small, the styles are ever-changing. In addition to the traditional round and square shapes, there are also water droplets, threads, Chinese knots, etc. The patterns also include totems, national flags, tai chi, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, zodiac, constellation, etc. The style is elegant, playful, uninhibited, etc., so it is very knowledgeable with cufflinks:

1. Match the cufflinks according to the color of the shirt and dress;

2. Select the cufflinks of the same color as the belt buckle and tie clip;

3. Choose cufflinks according to the style of the party.

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