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Have A Little Helper Ready For Your MacBook.
Feb 26, 2019

Have a little helper ready for your MacBook

The MacBook peripheral products,for example:Metal Laptop Stand Vertical Notebook Storage,Multi-function docking station,Protective case / protective equipment,etc.


I and my friends have encountered this situation, using the iPhone "Dangdang" next to the newly bought MacBook, 

the battery is too low, so I picked up the original charging cable of the phone and planned to plug it into the MacBook.

On the spot, I remembered that the interface on the new MacBook was usb-c. iPhone charging? Sorry, don't buy a "new bottle", 

MacBook does not give milk! ?

Here are the MacBook peripheral products that can help us.

Metal Laptop Stand and Vertical Notebook Storage

Just need index: ★ ★ ☆

I saw the following Metal Laptop Standin other people's home desktop pictures, I like it instantly, put it verticall,how comfortable it is to use it, save more desktop space, and have more art display!

Metal Laptop Stand

Multi-function docking station

Just need index: ★★★★★ (5 stars, full star)

Since Apple updated the MacBook product line in 2016, the sinfulness of the sin is beyond the belief that the lights are gone.

It also includes castration of most I/O interfaces. The former greatly reduces the X property of the MacBook, 

while the latter directly and strongly weakens the convenience of the MacBook input/output.

Apple's pursuit of design aesthetics and paranoia make it disgusting with the interface. No way, 

in addition to receiving an iPhone without a 3.5 audio port, we also accept a MacBook with only a USB-C interface.

Therefore, the multi-function docking station is essential for input/output operations on the new MacBook! ?


Protective case / protective equipment

Just need index: ★★★★(4 stars)

Protective case

Apple products are just like art, and they are as fragile as art. They are easily damaged if they are careless, 

and Apple's repair price is also higher than the sky!Therefore, the notebook case and the inner bag like the mobile 

phone case are also necessary for us who can not easily change the machine.


cleaning supplies

Just need index: ★★★★

Screen cleaning towel

The MacBook's screen display is superb, and the entire screen is black after the screen is screened, 

so it is very easy to leave fingerprints and affect the viewing. Middle-aged men can be greasy and the screen should not be greasy.

Yili's LCD screen cleaning towel is on. Paper-drawing design, easy to take out, paper soft and tough, 

repeated wiping will not scratch the screen and slag, buy a can can be used for a long time, always wipe it, 

Do not make dust!


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