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How To Clean The Fast Control Gaming Metal Mouse Pad
Mar 01, 2019

       Fast control gaming  metal mouse pad, for the metal pad, because the surface is very smooth, any point of the stain will be fed back to the mouse's movement feeling, 

       so the first thing to maintain the metal pad is:Keep the environment clean. Players who like to eat snacks in front of the computer or players who do not like to wash their hands should pay attention to it, 

        please be sure to keep the environment around the mouse pad clean.A 4s in the hand of the author has not been able to be removed because of a splash of oil. 

  Although it does not affect the use, it is really affecting the mood when looking at the trace.


Cleaning tool: two small pieces of clean chemical fiber material,the reason why the small square towel made of chemical fiber is because if you use cotton or blended material,

Some dander will remain on the metal mat and will need to be cleaned twice. 

Cleaning method: a square towel dampened with water, be careful not to be too wet, so that there is no water drop.

Then gently wipe the surface of the metal pad from the same direction. 

Don't be too hard. After cleaning, use another clean square towel to wipe off the water stains on the metal pad and you're done.

Then try a new mouse corner, is it not a smooth feeling? ^_^.

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