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Make Your Furniture More Effective
Jul 16, 2018

The table mat is mainly made of antistatic (conductive) electrostatic material and dissipative electrostatic material synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a dissipative electrostatic layer of about 0.5 mm thick, and the bottom layer is a conductive layer of about 1.5 mm thick. Commonly used as a 2mm double layer composite structure. The table mat has a long-lasting use, has good acid, alkali and chemical resistance, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The conductive floor mat is made of high-quality conductive material synthetic rubber.

The material and characteristics of the crystal table mat, come to understand: First we know, soft glass is also called crystal board: it is a new generation of high-tech products, it replaces the traditional glass is fragile, hurtful and other shortcomings, it has many advantages .

It is suitable for all countertops such as dining tables, desks, writing desks, bedside tables and coffee tables. It has extremely high transparency and is resistant to heat, tea, hot soup, cold and frost resistance, heavy pressure resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and environmentally friendly.

1 After scientific design, adopt imported PVC new health and environmental protection materials.

2 high resilience and resistance to folding and compression; can be suitable for a variety of environments.

3 with non-toxic, soft and transparent, safe insulation, easy to clean and so on.

4 The whole heat is not deformed, high temperature resistance, chemical stability, non-stick paint, not easy to age.

The crystal plate can lengthen the service life of the furniture; effectively prevent external damage such as burns, cuts, scratches, etc., so that your furniture can be more effectively protected.

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