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Material Classification Of Fast Control Gaming Mouse Pad
Jan 09, 2019


Fast control gaming mouse pad

  Fast control gaming mouse pad products are mainly divided into six materials: traditional fabric, special fabric, synthetic resin, glass, metal and coating. These six materials have their own characteristics, and the following are combined with the above technical indicators to analyze and comment on them.

     Most of the fast control gaming mouse pad use rubber or cloth as the raw material. The surface texture of these products has a large frictional force, which is convenient for mechanical mouse movement and positioning, and is inexpensive and easy to carry, and has a large sales volume in the market. Especially in the field of advertising mouse pads, everyone is favored. In order to cooperate with the new optical mouse, some manufacturers have introduced Fast control gaming mouse pads made of glass, aluminum, etc. They are characterized by a special texture on the surface, which increases the sensitivity and feel of light reflection, and is easy to clean. However, its material will increase the wear of the mouse, and there may be subtle sound when moving. When selecting, pay attention to whether the surface of the fast control gaming mouse pad is flat, and reject some products with burrs and uneven texture. Also pay attention to whether the product is easily deformed. For example, some products are made of raw rubber and are thin, and they are easy to bend permanently in use. There are also more popular silicone fast control gaming mouse pads.

     Cloth: Well-known cloth fast control gaming mouse pad is a kind of popular mouse pad product, its wide range of applications and cloth mouse pad is also the mainstream mouse pad product on the market. The cloth pad is currently the most widely used mouse pad, mainly divided into two kinds of traditional cloth pads and coated cloth pads. Ordinary fabric mouse pads are mostly made of extremely fine fabric attached to a piece of rubber, and the back side is made of herringbone natural rubber to prevent slipping. Because the company's product pictures and contact information can be transferred and printed through sublimation, it has achieved wide-ranging results.

      Silicone: The silicone fast control gaming mouse pad is made of a silicone material through a physical process. First, it has all the characteristics of a silicone material. Silicone has the properties of inorganic materials and organic materials, and has basic properties such as low surface tension, small viscosity coefficient, high compressibility, and high gas permeability. It has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, and difficulty. Excellent characteristics such as burning, water-repellent, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and physiologically inert. Due to the comparative characteristics of the structure of the silicone material, it has the ability to absorb radiation. The silicone mouse pad is easier to clean and has a longer service life. The silicone mouse pad is a mouse pad product specially developed for optical mouse.

       Plastic: The plastic fast control gaming mouse pad is preferred by gamers when choosing game peripherals, because a mouse pad that is too slippery or too sloppy is not very beneficial for small-scale precision operations, so rapid movement and precise braking are often Becoming a mutually opposite aspect of performance. At this time, the plastic mouse pad product is a good compromise.


      Glass and metal fast control gaming mouse pad are similar in terms of feel, and they have a common feature that is very delicate. Most players know that the mouse pad of the two materials of glass and metal is not suitable for the player who is sweaty because of the material itself, because it is easy to cause the mouse to drop frames if sweat is left on the surface of the mouse pad.

aluminiumFast control gaming mouse pad

       It is worth mentioning that the use of thicker feet on the glass and metal fast control gaming mouses can also cause the mouse to drop frames. In addition, in terms of wear resistance, the mouse pad of both glass and metal is excellent. In comparison, the wear resistance of the glass mouse pad is greater than the wear resistance of the metal fast control gaming mouse pad.

       The disadvantage of glass and metal fast control gaming mouse pads is that they are inconvenient to carry, and the mouse pads of these two materials are relatively high in price, and most of them are purchased by game players or peripheral enthusiasts.


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