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Multifunctional Mini Mobile Phone Bracket
Feb 28, 2019


Multifunctional mini mobile phone bracket

multifunction 270 degree adjustable Cell-phone holder

Nowadays, various notebook/phone  bracket are more and more popular among the public, bringing convenience and comfort to consumers. 

At the same time, more and more businesses have seen the business opportunities.In places where the popularity of smartphones in China is high,

 it is almost everyone's must. So why is this small aluminum mobile phone bracket so popular?

Below we take the Bosen double folding mobile phone bracket as an example:

展示图 (5)270 degree adjustable Cell-phone holder for Ipad


People's posture of using a laptop under normal conditions does not conform to the normal ergonomics mode. 

Maintaining this "abnormal" posture for a long time will slowly affect bone health.

It is easy to cause eye fatigue. Today, mobile phone bracket  has become the choice of office workers, and BOSEN is committed to

 this with greater enthusiasm, in providing healthy and efficient work.The style also meets the needs of elegance and creativity.

When the user is using, it is only necessary to press the circular metal switch at the joint movement of the bracket to adjust the 

height of the bracket, and the bracket has a total of 10 fixed points. Adjust to the appropriate height so that the screen of the

device is flush with your line of sight, allowing people to bid farewell to the humpback posture, thus avoiding more cervical

 spondylosis and frozen shoulder.

展示图 Aluminum cell-phone holder


The main body of the Bosen  mobile phone bracket is made of aluminum alloy, which is perfectly matched with the Apple notebook and 

perfectly blends with its own folding structure to create a very light and portable way.

Users use the stand at the same time, such as iPhone, ipad and other equipment desktops are clean and fresh.

主图  (3)


200g ultra-light weight, 4CM folding small body, perfectly compatible with other equipment, can be easily put into the bag, 

anytime, anywhere, free to use.

展示图 (5)270 degree adjustable Cell-phone holder for Ipad


In terms of support, BOSEN's precision materials ensure that the bracket's locking angle device can withstand any weight of MacBook 

or similar weight laptops.The angle adjustment hinge device allows the user to enjoy the working posture that suits him. 

Thanks to the advantages of design and material selection, the stand has sufficient capacity to “suspend” the notebook to the desktop.

Really avoid accidents such as splashes.



BOSEN's unique design concept realizes the integration of notebook computers, tablets and mobile phones, 

which greatly improves the office efficiency, and the collection design makes the most difficult "chaos" orderly.

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