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The Ideal Space For Living And Working
Jul 16, 2018

The display stand can help solve various technical problems encountered when people operate the computer in a home or business office. Its ergonomic design can prevent health problems caused by work fatigue, improve work efficiency, and bring life and work. The ideal space.

Display stand has been widely used in retail, entertainment, finance, medical, transportation and other fields; products cover single-screen, dual-screen, large-format splicing screens and other categories.

With the advent of the information age, computers and networks have become an important part of the work and life of people, especially young and middle-aged people. However, the "computer disease" caused by improper use has also followed, among which cervical spondylosis is the most common. More manifestations of neck stiffness, shoulder and shoulder pain, finger numbness, dizziness and so on. Mainly due to improper use of the computer caused by tension and strain around the cervical vertebrae, cervical disc and small joint degeneration. Display brackets came into being.

The display stand is mainly composed of a cantilever. The "cantilever", as the name implies, can be stretched freely and is unrestricted like an arm. Moreover, it is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel. It is fixed diagonally and has protective devices on all four sides of the diagonal clip. The protection device has protection for the computer. It can be directly used without opening the clamp. Turn.

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