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The Pattern Of The Shell Is More Beautiful
Jul 16, 2018

The shell button, also known as the real button, is a very old button. The texture of the shell buttons is elegant and bright, making the shell buttons always chosen by the public.

The shell button is made differently from the resin button. He mainly goes through the process of selecting shell, punching, polishing, grooving, punching, car surface and polishing. The power source for the early production of shell buttons was the rotation of the pulleys through the pedals. Now it has been completely replaced by mechanization, but for some traditional button factories, Osage, half-handcraft is used in the production of shell buttons. It can maintain the natural luster and charm of the shell.

At the Oushi Zhejiang factory, the shell button production process is as follows:

Choosing Shell: Different shells are selected according to the size and requirements of the buttons, but the utilization rate of the shells is actually not high.

Punching: Also known as blanking, it refers to making the original button blank.

Polishing: Place the button blank plane on the grinding wheel and evenly smooth it.

Buckle groove: buckle the button in the middle to make the button have a concave shape.

Punch: Different holes are used according to different needs, generally two eyes and four eyes.

(This kind of shell button has actually been basically formed, but as the times progress, people's requirements for buttons are getting higher and higher, so to make the buttons more perfect, the following steps must be taken.)

Car surface: Make the shell's pattern more beautiful.

Polishing and bleaching: The shell buttons of the above process are boiled once, and then placed in a rotating drum and rubbed together with water for polishing and bleaching.

Such a beautiful shell button has been completed.

Since the shell comes from nature, it exudes an elegant and seductive atmosphere from the inside out. At the same time, people often associate shells with pearls, so they can be noble. However, different types of shells have their own unique properties, and understanding the characteristics of different shells will make more accurate use of these shell buttons.

White butterfly shell: It is the most advanced material in the shell button, and because of its low output, the price is particularly expensive. It is currently only used in some of the most advanced shirts of Italian classical style or a few high-end products.

Black Butterfly: It is the mother of the large-grain Nanyang Black Pearl. Because the shell's nacre is shimmering with beautiful and beautiful deep silver, it is most suitable for shirts, women's jackets and matching sweaters.

Saucer: A mother-of-pearl in the tropics and subtropics. Looking at the delicate texture of the saucer, you can find the soft red luster that it reflects. It is most suitable for casual wear and all kinds of women's clothing, especially the dress with white series will be more beautiful.

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