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With Its Unique Charm
Jul 16, 2018

If you want to break the previous dressing and add a beautiful "weight", try to put a brooch on the clothing, it will bring you no small surprise, make yourself look better. In fact, when choosing a boutonniere, there are also many tips. Let’s take a look at some of the little experiences shared below.

The style of the brooch is quite rich, and the retro style seems to have its unique charm, which has become a decoration on many garments. Pins of everyday items such as animals convey their interests and hobbies to a certain extent. Moreover, the versatile style is nothing more than a classical flower-like and heart-shaped boutonniere.

When choosing a boutonniere, it should be consistent with the body shape. A large boutonniere is suitable for tall people, which can show the atmosphere. The petite shape can be matched with the pin shape, which adds a little cuteness. In fact, no matter the shape of the needle is large, it is small, the work should be exquisite and lightweight. If it is too heavy, don't feel drooping on the clothing, it also affects the wearer's beauty.

The material used for each brooch will vary. Generally, the prices of gold, platinum, and silver are relatively expensive, but they are more durable. The boutonniere of gems and diamonds has brilliance and is more eye-catching. The most common ones are wood, ceramics and plastics. Don't have a taste. Although there are differences in materials, it does not affect the charm it brings us.

When choosing a brooch, consider how we wear the dress. If it is a suit, it is recommended to choose a large metal material, the color is pure and pure, it seems more formal. When you are in a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear a chic style and a smaller boutonniere. When wearing high-end dresses, it is not suitable for plastics, glass, and ceramics. It is uncoordinated to match them. When the colors of the costumes are simple, the needles of the floral ornaments can be used to show the unique charm.

Choosing brooch for different age groups is not the same. For the upright youthful eyebrows, choose a chic style, interesting taste is better, try not to choose an oversized brooch. Middle-aged people will be more relaxed in their choices, and there are no specific requirements in shape and size. It is recommended for the elderly to choose dark colors and large particles, which are more in line with their mental characteristics.

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